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When we don't know the path we should be taking or the role model we thought would lead us to our contentment but instead leads us to feeling as though something is missing, it is the decision to never give up that will ultimate be the key to finding what truly makes us happy. Just as much as never giving up, it is being determined to get to know yourself that is crucial. Today's episode shares examples and insight into ensuring that these two keys are worth pursuing. 

In this week's Petit Plaisir, a simple touch to your home decor that is inexpensive and sure to bring great pleasure. 

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The difference between being an Adult and being a Grown-up is choice. And with the choice comes the decision to choose to grow. Growth as we know isn't always easy, but the result of choosing to venture down the path into being a Grown-up is to gain a life full or contentment and an increased quality of living in both our relationships with others and ourselves. In today's episode discover 12 characteristics of growth exercised by Grown-ups.

In this week's Petit Plaisir, discover my new Francophile Find that will help you with your language skills in 15 short minutes each time you tune in: Coffee Break French!

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Inspired by Amy Cuddy's best selling book Presence, discover how to cultivate your personal power in your everyday life and what the benefits are of having it. 

This week's Petit Plaisir is a romantic comedy starring Lake Bell & Simon Pegg, Man Up. 

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Whether an introvert or an extravert, time to be with ourselves is the key to a deep satisfaction with life and the path we choose. Inspired by Frédéric Lenoir's best-selling book Happiness: A Philosopher's Guide, discover specifically how solitude is beneficial for us all.

This week's Petit Plaisir is a Francophile podcast to not only help you with your French but satiate your curiosities about the French culture.

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Inspired by Brené Brown's speech titled "The Anatomy of Trust", today's episode focuses on the specific definition of what trust entails, how we can build trust in our relationships and strengthen the often forgotten element of trust, self-trust.

This week's Petit Plaisir, Shannon shares her recommendation and review of Mozart in the Jungle.

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