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To completely satisfy your appetite, whether it be literally, therefore with food and drink or figuratively as we seek to fulfill our needs in all immeasurable areas of life.

To equate contentment with satiation is somewhat accurate except that satiation requires us to engage with something outside of ourselves, to choose well, to know much about what and why we are pursuing it, and thus to know ourselves and physiology well. Granted, the 'knowing ourselves' is a shared cross-over between contentment and satiation if we are to attain either which is why when I began to ponder today's focus of making our everydays taste better, I naturally began thinking about the literal sense of 'taste' as it appeals to our palate, but then began to expand the breadth of 'tasting better' as it pertains to how we move through our days - the decisions we make, the structure, the rituals and routines.

And with holiday feasting just around the corner as well as a new year that often brings with it a reassessment of how we are caring for our health, I thought today's episode a wonderful topic to explore because we really can eat well and deliciously all year round, thereby elevating the taste of our everydays.

Let's take a look at simple, yet dependable ways to ensure what you cook and eat will satiate your appetite.


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Food is a pleasure to be enjoyed throughout our lives, but food is not why we live our lives. On the other hand, it is important that we not see food as the enemy, but rather as a key element in achieving our best lives. As long as we undertand what we are putting into our bodies - putting ourselves in the driver's seat and taking back the steering wheel from the advertisers and the weight-loss books - we can eat well without feeling deprived. 

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