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The creator of the internationally enjoyed blog My French Country Home and author of her new book My Stylish French Girlfriends, Sharon Santoni joins me on today's episode. Discussing all things French, specifically brocante collecting, how to find and pursue your passion and the key to a happy, passionate life, Sharon will remind listeners about why we love the lifestyle of the French.

This week's Petit Plaisir is a French dessert that is simple and absolutely delicious — Clafoutis aux Poires. 

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Inspired by Amy Cuddy's best selling book Presence, discover how to cultivate your personal power in your everyday life and what the benefits are of having it. 

This week's Petit Plaisir is a romantic comedy starring Lake Bell & Simon Pegg, Man Up. 

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Inspired by the recently released and best-selling book by Rebecca Traister, All the Single Ladies: Unmarried Women and the Rise of an Independent Nation, this episode is for all women. Revealing three truths and seven myths, discover how the advancements of single women are opening doors for everyone. 


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The "everydays" make up the quality of our lives, so it is how we spend these days that is vitally important. Discover 15 everyday habits to practice and by incorporating will create ensure everyday is full of contentment and true happiness.

In this week's Petit Plaisir, a simple decor addition to establish a ritual that will enhance your everyday life. 

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