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Each one of us encounters fears from time to time, the key is to understand how to navigate them as we continue toward our goals and stepping into our full potential. In today's episode, listeners will discover 11 specific ways to master fear in their everyday lives and livle more courageously. 

In this week's Petit Plaisir, the recipe for an appetizer that is simple, scrumptious and ideal for mid-week or weekend entertaining: Pear, Goat Cheese, Prosciutto and Honey Bites. 

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Our mobile devices can help our lives run more efficient, but if not used correctly, can have significant drawbacks. In today's episode 12 rules for mobile manners are shared as well as four ways to make sure you are the master of your cell phone or smart phone. And in this week's Petit Plaisir, Shannon reviews CBS' Madam Secretary, starring Tea Leoni.

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As a new season begins, it is a reminder that by unburdening ourselves of the unnecessary (events and ideas of the past that are no longer aiding us in our quest for a better life), we are better equipped to successfully strive toward the future and everyday life we wish to live. In today's episode four specific tips will be shared to focus on what you value, get out of your own way and maintain your decided direction. And in this week's Petit Plaisir, the classic recipSole Meunière is shared for a simple, yet gourmet meal.

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What is the lifestyle grocery list?

Any item that requires  money in your budget, but doesn't occur regularly (i.e. weekly or monthly), minus food or clothes. This list includes a variety of arenas of our lives as keeping these items stocked allows for our lives to run more smoothly, our confidence to soar, a healthy balance between work and leisure to be struck, networking and relationships to remain strong and our knowledge of the world to regularly stimulated and informed.

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Understanding the power of money and becoming the master of it is crucial to a life full of contentment. In today's podcast, the definition of true wealth will be shared along with both monetary and monetary ways to attain it. 

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