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Believe it or not, love and real estate have more in common than not. In today's episode, Shannon shares through her own experience what having success in real estate (or dating) can teach us about the other.

This week's Petit Plaisir shares a dose of inspiration from one of the top commencement addresses given by David Foster Wallace.

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The third part in the Life & Tech series continues with nine specific Do's and Don'ts of texting. With the primary goal of enhancing our relationships, not hindering them, listeners will learn where, when and how to best communicate.

This week's Petit Plaisir is one of Shannon's favorite afternoon snacks to help her get through the day. It's simple and a palette pleaser.

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Very often the phrase "It was meant to be" is uttered to explain why something worked out or didn't work out, depending upon the situation. However, in today's episode Shannon shares seven truths as to what actually plays a role in helping the life we wish to happen, the destiny we hope will materialize actually have a change at coming to fruition. Believe it or not, we play a bigger role than we may have first imagined.

In this week's Petit Plaisir, Amy Morin's book 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do is reviewed.

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One of the eight pillars of a simply luxurious life is a healthy social circle, and in today's episode listeners will discover exactly who will and who won't contribute to a more quality, fulfilling and successful life.

In today's Petit Plaisir, Shannon shares her secret to sleeping well from the pillow to the pillowcase. A simple change can make a big difference in the quality of your nights and days.

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